As citizens and voters in our community and state, we have many issues to understand and express our opinions on through the ballot and by contacting our legislators in Augusta. For example, locally in Brunswick we have the June school budget referendum; on the state level there are competing budget proposals for our legislators to consider with input from their constituents.

On the national level there are countless, and mostly unnoticed, decisions that our representative and senators make every day. We don’t vote directly on most those either, but we can make our opinions known by contacting the people we elected.

There is one issue that affects us on every level—local, state, and national. That issue is climate change. We can’t vote directly on climate change legislation, but we can let our representatives know that we are concerned and want action to improve and protect the environment. In fact, there is an organization ( that has as its goal “creating political will for a livable world.” The idea is that with enough pressure (letters, phone calls, emails) from the voters, members of Congress will come together to pass legislation to begin to reverse the damage done to our environment

So let’s keep informed about the issue of climate change and, by asking our legislators in Washington to take action, let’s create the political will to safeguard our environment.

Sidney Hodgdon