Ever notice how things we see as beautiful can sometimes and often rather quickly become ugly? Life’s full of contrasts and that’s a good thing because if everything was the same it would be, yes, boring.

But sometimes I wish things didn’t slip into those depressing contrasts, especially when the contrasts are dark, or sad, or down, or negative or … well, you get the idea.

You’re waiting for some examples, right? Let’s begin with those beautiful fast-moving baby sea turtles we see on nature shows all the time. So marvelous as they scramble madly for the ocean — what a sight! We cheer them on, such a terrific thing to watch, and then the bad part comes; the marauding sea birds swoop down and gobble up thousands of them. From beauty to instant sadness, except for the ones who make it to the ocean anyway.

Other things in our world have a sad beauty to them – the glorious Hope Diamond, for example. It is large and blue and dazzling and yet its history is dark, conflicted and sad. When we gaze at this shimmering gem, we instinctively feel and know the contrast.

Queen Anne’s Lace—you know, that tall, lacy flower that sprouts up everywhere in the summer? Gladdens the heart, right? But saddens the heart too because it blooms in July, and in Maine that means summer is half over and that’s always a sad thought. The flowers should, however, convince us to joyfully embrace the other half of summer.

Have you ever seen photos of the great and ever-so-elegant old buildings in Detroit? They were majestic, built with graceful and everlasting beauty in mind, and to see them in old photos they literally take one’s breath. But our breath is taken again when we see current photos of those same buildings, now decaying, abandoned, moldy, rotted, imploding, no one caring, or being able to save them.  Glorious once, hopeless now. Contrasts.

Beyond beautiful wild animals and birds, now extinct because of us. Here and important once, now gone forever. Contrasts.

It seems we get to see shining beauty in our world, but it’s so often tinged with sadness or darkness, and so here comes the boring motivational stuff you knew I’d just have to go for. Bear up, now. Here’s the deal; maybe in life we should focus on the good sides of things and while being aware that darkness may follow, we can try to keep our eyes and minds off of that part. Let’s try.

Come on, give it a try. Somewhere in the occasional morass of our lives, there’s a silver lining for all of us and all things, no? Yes. Hey, it’s out there, I promise.
I’ll keep on looking for mine if you’ll keep on looking for yours, OK?

Deal? Deal!