We may have lost the vote on June 13 on both the new school and the school budget, but in actuality, we really won and I will explain why. Because we all got involved this year, Brunswick had one of the largest June voter turnouts in years, and Brunswick also carried the distinction of having one of the largest voter turnouts in the State of Maine on the 13th.

This should tell us we tried to do something very right, and in my book, we did. I congratulate each and every one of you for stepping up to the plate to vote as our voice was heard because of the large turnout.

One thing I observed that has become more prevalent is that the local daily paper has become even more biased this year than in previous years no matter what the subject has been. I know many residents have written op-eds, opinion pieces, and letters to the editors that were not put in print and I find that very disturbing, and my last one was not printed, as well. When I submitted it two weeks ago, I was told they would try but there was no guarantee it would be printed, and when given that response, I knew it won’t be printed by them. Newspapers are supposed to print both sides of the issues, but this year it was mostly one sided by them.

The local daily paper could learn a lot from both the Coastal Journal and The Forecaster, as these two have been very fair this year with many pages of both sides of the story regardless of what the subject was. I also believe these two publications have more readers now because they are open minded.

We should all hold our heads up high knowing we all did the right thing by voting as I have been told that many Brunswick residents hadn’t voted in years and I applaud all of you for doing so. We may not have won this year, but we can all look forward to next year and every one of our votes do count.

Jean Powers