BATH — A celebration for the completion of the “Spirit of the Sea” fountain project in City Park is taking place at 3 p.m. June 25.

Featuring a sculpture by the world-renowned artist William Zorach, the fountain has long been a centerpiece of the park. The $425,000 project, which took place over the winter and into spring, completely updated the water features surrounding it. The restoration features extensive stone work performed by Jorgenson Landscaping, and was funded by donations and grants secured by Friends of the Zorach Fountain.

The celebration will include music by Charlie Ipcar, readings from Andreas von Huene and Tim Zorach, comments from Bath City Council Chair Mari Eosco, and Bruce John Riddell, the landscape architect and designer of the new enclosure. For more information, visit

UPDATE: According to a City of Bath press release, swimming will not be allowed in the “Spirit of the Sea” pond:
“While the energy around the pond opening was fantastic yesterday, there are health and safety concerns regarding accessing the water. No water entry will be allowed. The pond water is not treated and will not be treated. The pond bottom, including plumbing, is exposed and is a risk to bare feet. We ask that visitors do not swim or wade in the water. Signage is being installed today to deter visitors from entering the pond. We ask for your help to spread word to neighbors and friends.”