I have been thinking lately about some odd couples in recent American history. For starters there was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, and Frances Perkins, a Republican and both from New York at the time they went off to serve our country in the White House.
The result was the establishment of Social Security Act. After that came Ronald Regan and Tip O’Neil, at opposite sides of the political ideology, but with good implemented plans for America. We had Richard Nixon and Katharine Graham, and they created a whole new way to expand the public view.

Then came Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich and the ever-expanding welfare system got an accountability directive. A short time later in our history we had Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey who gave us hope.

Present day America has the ultimate odd couple in two New Yorkers, Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer who together I know will make America great again.

I didn’t put in any titles for the individuals mentioned here, but their deeds are well recorded in our history books and the media.

Franciskla Needham