WEST BATH — Up until now, I had never even considered that Schutty’s Seafood could have anything other than seafood.

For those not in the know, Schutty’s is a small food truck right near the New Meadows River in West Bath. As its name suggests, they carry all the seafood favorites, from lobster rolls to fried scallops.

Going to a seafood joint for a burger column probably seems a bit odd. That’s exactly why I had to go, of course.

I’ve been to Schutty’s plenty of times in the past, but always for seafood. They do a stellar job with their fried seafood, so I would typically only go when I got a craving for whole-belly clams or something similar. When I was told they have an absolutely killer burger, I had to check it out, because I honestly didn’t even realize they had burgers on the menu. My eyes must have just glazed over that part because I was too narrowed in on seafood.

On a brilliantly sunny day, I pulled in to a well-filled parking lot to see whether or not that burger is actually as good as I’d heard. Even knowing in advance what I was going to order, it took a bit for me to find it on the menu. It’s tucked into the center, located in the sandwich section, and proudly boasts that they use hand-ground beef.

I snagged a burger with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, ketchup, and some mayo. I also ordered a side of fries, and a drink. Grand total: $15.

My first mistake was ordering that side of fries. I didn’t realize that the burger comes with hand-cut potato chips they fry right there. The fries were entirely unnecessary. They were also hand cut, and definitely tasty, but even a small side of fries was enormous so I only managed to eat a few bites of them before my stomach rebelled against me.

If you go, don’t bother with a side of fries, as those potato chips are amazing.

My order came out in a few minutes with little drama, still piping hot. The first thing I noticed was the big, fluffy bun, and the fact that the lettuce was exactly where it was supposed to be: Underneath the patty.

Listen up burger makers. If you’re going to put lettuce on a burger, put it underneath the patty, on top of the bun. This makes sense for a few reasons. First, the lettuce serves as a sort of barrier between the patty and the bun. If the patty happens to be a bit juicy, which is typically what you aim for, the lettuce will protect the bun and keep it from soaking up all that juice. This means the bun stays intact and doesn’t turn into thin, soggy bits of bread barely containing that meaty goodness.

Second, putting the lettuce on top isn’t a good idea as I’ve found that it has the same friction as ice on a hockey rink when placed on top and covered in condiments. If you put the lettuce on top, the tomato and any other things like pickles will slide around like a dog on a freshly waxed floor. This means you’re going to spend half your eating time wrangling stray ingredients.

Burger stack-order pedantry aside, the most important thing about Schutty’s burger: It was delicious. Moist, warm, with a great flavor, it was obvious they are using fresh beef and not frozen hockey-puck patties. They didn’t skimp on condiments or ingredients either.

Plus, the chips on the side are amazing. If you’ve never had freshly made potato chips, Schutty’s will give you a taste of what you’re missing.

The only real criticisms I can level about Schutty’s has nothing to do with the food. The location, to be honest, isn’t the best. Despite being near the New Meadow’s River, you don’t get any views of it, and its proximity to a busy road makes for poor ambiance.

Schutty’s hasn’t been around for awhile by virtue of having a nice view; it’s because the food keeps people coming back. Next time you go, consider giving a burger a try. I know it’s hard to ignore the seafood, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Schutty’s Seafood is located at 410 State Road in West Bath. For more information, call 798-9167.