The Navy Blue Angels jet air show will be returning to Brunswick Aug. 26, and 27. In the past, many people complained about the excessive noise and vibration levels of the jets since they fly at dangerously low altitudes. Also, due to the specific metals used in building jet aircraft, specific substances are required in the case of an aircraft fire.

Noise (decibels) and severe vibration levels can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, as well as physical and psychological problems, even while exposed for short periods of time. In addition, the exhaust of jet fuel will increase air pollution. All of this is billed as family entertainment. How delightful! If an individual caused this kind of imposition in town, they would be arrested by the law!

There are many websites that explain the danger of noise and vibration levels. Even with appropriate ear protection, jet aircraft vibration levels can be very harmful and affects every part of the body. This website speaks specifically about the dangers of intense vibrations:

This statement is from an online Navy Times commentary, “Audit: Super Hornet a noise risk for sailors”: “Navy officials who helped design and purchase F/A-18E/F Super Hornets in the 1990s failed to initially consider ways to reduce the fighter jet’s deafening noise level, putting today’s flight-deck sailors at risk for hearing damage, according to a Naval Audit Service report.

“Even when flight deck crews wear earplugs and cranials, Super Hornets are dangerously loud. Noise levels are near 150 decibels, a sound blast far beyond the hazard level of 84 decibels for civilian jobs, the audit service found.”

What are dangerous noise decibel levels? This is just one website that explains noise levels:

Some people will attend this air show with the attitude, “It’s only for an afternoon and everything will be okay and we will survive.” Are we so easily entertained that we would buy into something that’s not safe without also considering the possibility of a plane crash in town?

On a daily basis we are exposed to much noise and air pollution. We have become acclimated to and have normalized this condition. That does not mean noise and air pollution are no longer harmful. Is there a threshold that we must pass before the dangers are truly apparent? Should we wait to see or should we be a bit cautious much like we practice preventive medicine?

The show will go on, justified by “it’s good for the local economy.” How can insanity be good for the economy or people? When is economics bordering on the foolish, and potentially dangerous? Most adults object to children exposing themselves to something that is dangerous. As adults we approve of something dangerous if we get our thrills. What a confusing message! Can there be another entertainment event that isn’t so overwhelmingly disruptive to the region?

Is the air show directed primarily toward impressionable youth who might not find jobs and consider a career in the military when they are older?

For some Veterans, this military jet air show, which represents force and violence is an insult! How can violence possibly solve a problem? Violence can only perpetuate problems that will affect the entire planet! The large recreation of a napalm fire at the 2013 air show was a complete display of ignorance and disrespect!

Joseph Ciarrocca