BRUNSWICK — Marco Navarro, a driver with Brunswick Taxi, is almost never on Magean Street.

But on June 28, he had a few minutes to spare between calls and “took the long way.”

When he passed by 4 Magean Street, the home of Martha Spruce, he noticed thick smoke pouring out of the front door, which was wide open.

“At first I thought it was just someone had burned something that was cooking,” he said.

He slowed down and looked in, and saw another door open – with even more smoke pouring out.

That’s when he heard Spruce’s screams for help.

“That was all that it took for me,” he said.

Navarro radioed his dispatcher that he’d be occupied with an emergency, left his car in the middle of the road, and raced inside.

There, Spruce had been dealing with an electrical fire that got out of hand in a matter of seconds. She had been making toast, and in the time it took her to go to the next room, an electrical fault had ignited it.

She called 911, and managed to unplug the toaster and get it into the sink, but the fire was so hot that it ignited the PVC pipe underneath.

Spruce, recognizing the potential danger, pulled the cleaning chemicals out from under the sink – suffering burns in the process.

It’s then that Navarro arrived to find Spruce trying to put out the fire with a towel, which was also ablaze. She said she was likely in shock because things had happened so quickly, and she wasn’t thinking straight.

Navarro grabbed the towel from her and put it out with his hands. He then grabbed the toaster – again with his bare hands – and threw it into the driveway, somehow only burning a few hairs in the process.

He said he wasn’t sure what the fire was caused by, so he hesitated to throw water on it in case it was a grease fire. After figuring out it was the toaster, he threw a few bowls of water on it and managed to put the fire out, just before the fire department arrived.

Because he parked his taxi in the middle of the road, Navarro went out, told the fire department what happened, and left.

“I didn’t even get his name,” said Spruce.

July 17 was the first time the two had seen each other since the fire.

“I barely remembered what you looked like, but I remembered you were tall,” said Spruce as she gave him a well-deserved hug.

Brunswick Fire Chief Ken Brillant said that things definitely could have been worse without Navarro’s help. “There is certainly a potential, especially if he helped get this unit that was burning out. It definitely could have been more severe.”

Spruce credits Navarro with saving her house, and potentially her life given the amount of smoke.

Navarro said he doesn’t believe his actions were anything special. “I would like to think that I’m not the only one who would do that.”

Smoke damage was bad enough that Spruce needs a new kitchen, and a lot of items in her house were damaged, but she’s just happy Navarro was in the right place at the right time.

“I call that divine synchronization,” she said. “It was just a meant to be kind of thing.”