Veterans in Maine can face many challenges with aging. Wishing to remain independently at home is quite common for any senior. The Veterans Administration at Togus offers a variety of services to meet the needs of senior and/or disabled veterans: Mobile and satellite clinics, telemedicine, traveling physicians/nurses, and many other services, including home care.

Many veterans find it difficult to ask for assistance, often thinking someone else needs it more. Veterans who ask for help are not … repeat, NOT … taking services from other veterans.
If you are a veteran receiving your primary medical care through the Veterans Administration system, you may be eligible for services to support your ability to remain at home with as high a quality of life as possible.

How does that work? Your primary care physician at Togus actually needs to hear if you are having challenges with independent living. That’s a pretty tough thing for any service member to say out loud. You might feel that being a veteran is about being tough, self-sufficient, and able to take care of yourself and everyone around you. You may feel that being a military person is about duty, responsibility, and not asking for help.

Veterans are about self-sacrifice and not asking for anything in return, right? Wrong!

Being a veteran is tough duty, for sure. Many vets believe they are “not sick enough.” They think they should “save the benefits for someone who really needs them.” The truth is, former service members often go without services they truly need.

If the services are available and you are eligible for them, you need to know that this kind of thinking is flawed. There is enough to go around. A veteran with the courage to ask for help is not … repeat NOT … taking services from anyone else.

A proud veteran recognizes that after serving his or her country, the country really wants to serve them back. Unsure? Make an appointment with your VA Primary Care Provider to discuss your needs and options.

Beyond home care, the Togus VA Maine Healthcare System in Augusta has many other services, including skilled and long-term nursing home care; a 50-bed Memory Care unit; medical and surgical acute hospital care; and intermediate and mental health care. The Togus VAMA has served our nation’s veterans for 138 years, and is on a beautiful 500-acre campus.

The State of Maine values its veterans in many ways, some of which may surprise you! Call 623-8411 for information, or check the website.

Valerie Lovelace is the director of One2One Home Care, providing home care services for veterans in Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox and Kennebec counties. She may be reached at: [email protected].