PHIPPSBURG — Select board and residents of Phippsburg have filed an appeal to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection’s decision to grant a permit for the removal of pilings at Popham Beach.

The pilings, which were the foundation of a pier that once served the Boston Steamship Company in the town’s tourism heyday, are located just off shore. Jack and Susan Parker, who own property adjacent to the pilings, filed for and were granted multiple permits for removal.

Controversy soon followed, leading to community meetings and ultimately an effort to appeal the decision.

“We are concerned that if the project were allowed to go forward as currently proposed, there could be significant environmental damage to nearby marine life and maritime activities, and potential damage to those living near, working in, and recreating in surrounding waters,” wrote the select board in the filing for appeal. “We also believe that the project proponent does not have the legal standing required to undertake the piling removal.”

Opponents of the removal have cited the historic nature of the pilings, as well as the possibility that the pilings have actually protected the beach in the past century. A direct abutter to the Parkers, Rafael Vilamil, said his property hasn’t been affected by flooding in over half a century while houses south of his have.

Currently, the BEP has no time-frame for when they will hear the appeal. “We just received the appeal, and there is a process we have to go through,” said Cindy Bertocci, executive analyst for the BEP.

Now that the appeal has been filed, Parker will have time to provide a response to the information. The best estimate is that the appeal will take place over the course of fall.