BRUNSWICK — Flight Deck Brewing and Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority are teaming up to raise money for the maintenance of two historic plane monuments at Brunswick Landing.

The P2V Neptune and P3 Orion planes were left at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station when the Navy closed the base. For the past several years they’ve served as a reminder of the property’s former purpose.

Now, however, they’re starting to show signs of wear. Paint that was once fresh and bright looks dull. In other places, it’s chipping off slowly, leaving the planes looking worn.

Flight Deck Brewing on Atlantic Avenue has, arguably, the best view of the P3 Orion from its location right across the street.

“It became pretty obvious pretty quick that the planes are in need of sprucing up,” said Nate Wildes of Flight Deck.

To keep the planes in good order, Flight Deck is hosting a “Save The Planes!” beer release and charitable donation party tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. to raise money for the maintenance of the planes. Donations will go through MRRA into the Midcoast Charitable Foundation, which it manages.

“We have those planes on loan to us from the Naval Aviation Museum,” said Steve Levesque, executive director of MRRA. “As long as we maintain them, we can keep them. If we can’t maintain them, they’ll actually come up and demolish them.”

That’s not something anyone wants. Wildes said plenty of customers at Flight Deck have mentioned their desire to see the planes kept up, and some customers may even have worked on the planes in the days when the base was operational.

“There’s a huge population of people here who used to work on those planes, so the knowledge is around,” said Wildes.

While MRRA’s goal is to re-imagine the base into a new purpose, its original purpose as an air base is an important piece of both Brunswick Landing and Midcoast history.

“We want to be able to remember what this place was, and why it was a naval air station,” said Levesque. “Having those static aircraft is pretty important for the long-term remembrance.”

Charitable donations will be used to conduct routine maintenance on the planes, including repainting them and performing some structural work.

In addition to accepting donations, Flight Deck is debuting a new beer, “Blueberry Angels,” in honor of the upcoming Great State of Maine Air Show this weekend, and the Blue Angels, in particular.

Speaking of the Blue Angels, there’s a possibility some may be in attendance. While the crew and pilots have a very busy schedule in preparation for the show, their planes are being housed in the hangar near the brewery and they’ve all been invited.

The event from 6 to 8 p.m. is the official kick-off of MRRA and Flight Deck’s efforts to create a lasting fund for the future maintenance of the planes, as well as a way to raise awareness about their importance.

“This is sort of a big hooplah to say, ‘hey, a big part of what made Brunswick Landing possible … is the heritage of these planes,” said Wildes. “If the planes go away, a significant part of how we got to be here goes away, as well.”