The Brunswick Town Council and Finance Committee are proposing a Property Tax Assistance (relief) Program for Brunswick citizens. Currently only a draft ordinance, it is loaded with foggy questions. But rest assured Brunswick citizens, it will be top heavy with rules and regulations and hoops to be jumped through.

First of all, you will need to be 70 years of age or older; you will have to prove this fact with documentation. More documentation will be needed to show that you have lived in Brunswick long enough to know where you live. You will need to work your way through the muck known as the State of Maine Residents Property Tax Fairness Credit Program. Did somebody say fairness?

If and when you finally qualify for the town’s consideration, don’t feel relief because all you will get for your effort will be a few bread crumbs at best.

As I write this, the Finance Committee does not know how this program will be funded. From the general fund perhaps? No, let’s ask local businesses for donations! They would be happy to pitch in! Really?

Here are suggestions for possible funding for the Brunswick Property Tax Assistance Program. First, everyone in the Brunswick Town Office who is earning a salary in the six figures should donate two-thirds of their salary to this program, every year. They would still have an annual income greater than what many of us can even hope to have to live on.

Second, as to business donations, real estate agents should be the leaders here. One or two commissions donated to the fund every year shouldn’t put a crimp in anyone’s style.

Mr. Eldridge, the town manager and Ms. Millet, a town councilor, are you genuinely concerned about Brunswick Citizens?

Brunswick Town government continues to shift the economic burden onto the citizens. A balanced economy has to include giving not just taking and taking!

Jeanne Johnson