It turns out the “inconvenient truth” is that no one really cares about global warming or the end of fossil fuel, at least if actions speak louder than words.

Great masses of Americans traveled thousand of miles last week bloating their carbon footprints to see the moon cross in front of the sun.

An estimated 15,000 attended the “free speech rally” counter demonstration traveling hundreds of miles to Boston. Twice that many watched the Red Sox defeat the Yankees at Fenway Park.

The fact is within the next couple of decades such travel will be either impossible or too expensive to contemplate. The age of cheap fossil fuel is in its final throws and the attitude appears to be “whoopie, we are all going to die” anyway.

Long before ocean levels rise a half a foot, petroleum reserves will be too expensive to explore or develop, and yet the public lack of concern goes way beyond a failure of governments to sign accords.

It lays in the hands of buyers of luxury boats, 40-foot RV’s hauling SUVs behind, and people who leave their car air conditioners on while they shop.

I recently asked a local auto dealer why they were not carrying electric cars. He said because it would cost a lot of money to set up a charging station. He added they would not sell in Maine.

I asked what would be his attitude if gasoline prices go to five dollars. He said he will think about it then.

Then will be too late.

Art Mayers