BATH — Think something is missing from downtown Bath? Always wanted a particular store to move in, or a new event to arrive?

Main Street Bath is conducting a community survey to gauge what people think is missing, what they like, and what they come to Bath for. The feedback will be used to help plan the future of the downtown.

“We’re always looking for feedback from the larger community to be looking at what kinds of projects we should be tackling, and what sort of development we should be encouraging in Bath,” said Main Street Bath Director Jake Korb. “It’s a good benchmark to see if any sort of progress has been made since the last survey.”

The last survey, which took place a few years ago, was the impetus for a few changes downtown. The most notable was the addition of an ice cream shop (Dot’s Ice Cream) when the survey indicated that lots of people felt Bath was missing that.

“We try to get that community feedback because it presents a strong case for new potential businesses,” said Korb.

The survey is open to anyone that visits downtown Bath, whether they’re a tourist or a resident. To take the survey, visit