HARPSWELL — The Giant’s Stairs, located just off Washington Avenue and Ocean Street on Baily Island, has always been a hidden local gem that offered unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean along its short trail. But articles in prominent publications – both local and national – have highlighted the location, swelling the number of visitors and turning it into a popular destination.

That has posed some issues for the neighborhood, as the nearby streets are narrow and parking has always been limited. Now, the Town of Harpswell is working on some solutions to ensure that parking doesn’t become a bigger problem.

“We created some new parking at the start of the season, at what I would call the south end of the Giant’s Stairs,” said Kriti Eiane, Harpswell’s town administrator. The Giant’s Stairs Trail extends from Ocean Street to Washington Avenue to the south, meaning it can be entered from either end.

Despite the additional parking, the town has noticed that the southern area is underutilized by visitors who don’t know it’s there.

“What we’re going to try to do is get more cars to continue down Washington Avenue and park in the spaces we’ve created, and use that south entrance more,” said Eiane. “Most people have parked at the church, or in that area, and the corner was becoming a serious safety issue.”

Additional efforts have been no parking signs and paint on the roadway to keep people from clogging up the narrow streets. Eiane said residents have complained about the issue, out of fears that emergency vehicles won’t be able to reach houses on the southern end of the road.

Signs to urge people towards the southern entrance, as well as some monitoring of the area, have been increased this past summer. There’s also an attempt to get visitors to slow down on the narrow roads.

“We’ve asked the sheriff’s department to step up some speed enforcement,” said Eiane. “We’re hopeful that some of these steps will take care of the problems down there.”