We wish to extend a public note of thanks to the wonderful people in Bath City Hall for being such gracious and accommodating hosts as the entire cast and crew from our rock opera, “One Way Trip To Mars,” took over the auditorium and downstairs conference room at the Davenport Building for two weeks leading up to the show’s premiere at the Waterville Opera House.

Not only were we given free use of the space—we got lots of love and appreciation, too, as city workers and passersby would stop in for a moment or two during their busy days to watch and listen as cast members rehearsed the music.

It is worth noting that most of our cast came from New York where contact with city officials and use of city hall facilities is not the norm. They were impressed and grateful for the friendship and generosity offered by our great little city—and they all want to come back!

Peter Macdonald Blachly (known professionally as Peter Alexander) and Johannah Harkness
Co-creators of “One Way Trip to Mars—a rock opera”