TOPSHAM — Lower Main Street in Topsham is going to look different for the next month as traffic pattern changes in an attempt to improve congestion.

Beginning Sept. 18, the new pattern will rearrange which directions traffic can move on Main and Winter streets. The change comes after a decision by the select board on Sept. 7 to look for solutions to congestion in the area.

Once in effect, left turns from Main Street onto Winter Street will be prohibited at the southern intersection of Winter and Main streets. The southern portion of Winter Street, approaching Main Street, will become one-way towards Main Street.

Other changes include adjusting traffic signal timings; extending the northbound turning lane at the intersection of Main, Winter, and Elm streets; installing plastic bollards to prevent passage over the yellow line on Main Street, and adding “Do Not Enter” signs to the section of Winter Street that will be one-way.

It is hoped that changes will prevent backups caused by vehicles looking to take a left turn from Main Street to the lower part of Winter Street, which has no turning lane.

“At present, cars stopping on Main Street to take a left turn onto Winter Street routinely cause backups in the northbound lane, because there is no turning lane at this location,” a news release said. “The test is based on several traffic studies conducted recently in the lower village.”

Cars will still be able to turn onto Winter Street from Main Street, but will only be able to do so at the signaled intersection.

The traffic test will be conducted until Oct. 29. If the select board determines that the traffic pattern reduces congestion and improves safety, it may be adopted permanently.

For more information on the changes, visit To comment on the changes once they go into effect, email [email protected] or call 373-5095