Opponents of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) are doing everything in their power to forestall the use of RCV in the June 2018 primaries and beyond. That is not surprising. Of course, we expect the people elected by the current system to show reluctance in changing that system. Yet, while they toss around largely unfounded claims about confusion, chaos, and cost, they know the truth – as soon as Mainers have the opportunity to use a ranked choice ballot, they won’t want to return to the old ways.

Ranked Choice Voting was, without a doubt, the most important issue on last year’s ballot. And it remains the most important issue in Maine politics today. It sets the stage for a whole new style of participation and interaction between candidates and voters in our elections, and that is why Maine voters approved RCV on last year’s ballot.

With RCV, we will have more choice, more positive campaigning, and more voter consensus. The current system promotes the status quo – we can and must do better!

There will be a special legislative session this fall to once again consider the options for the Ranked Choice Voting law. Anything could happen, including a full repeal, so supporters of election reform need to make their voices heard loud and clear.

Change is hard and the composition of our Legislature reflects the status quo. That’s why it always has been, and will be, incumbent upon the voters of Maine to demonstrate the depth of support for RCV. Please contact your representatives and express your support for this system.

Ted Markow