BATH — Hyde School celebrated its unification with its Connecticut campus with a big pep rally welcoming new  students and faculty on Sept. 22.

In June, Hyde School sold its second campus, located in Woodstock, Connecticut, to neighboring Woodstock Academy. The Bath campus decided to change over its mascot from the Phoenix to Woodstock’s Wolfpack, commemorated with a bronze statue.

Students got to learn some new cheers, led by school founder Joseph Gauld, watched Hyde’s “newest sport” (Sumo wrestling), and celebrated the new statue on campus.

“This is a very exciting time for Hyde,” said Head of School Laura Gauld. “You can already feel the energy and enthusiasm on campus. We’re no longer Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock. We’re Hyde School. And we’re excited about this accelerated path to excellence we’re on.”

Coinciding with the pep rally was a $1,000 charitable donation to the American Cancer Society. Students raised over $600 by recycling cans throughout the past year via a program called “Cans for a Cure” started by Hyde facilities employee Dave Pappalardo.

Students collected over 15,000 cans. This year, they’ve already collected 3,000, and are well on the way to smashing the previous year’s total.


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