BATH — Local artists are getting together at the Chocolate Church from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday to raise money for a young Bath resident.

“Band Together for Madeline” will feature several musicians in a concert devoted to Madeline Marzen, a four-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on Aug. 8. The concert will include rock, country, folk, and classical music performed by Diamonds in the Rough, Shannon Tundel, Liz Lannon, Robert Lewis, Anne Marsh, Alane Downes and Wanda McNeil, Expedition, Northern Lights, Sue Marley, Jerry and Bella Perron, Megan Bosarge, and Marshall Marquis.

“Friends of Amie’s wanted to raise money to support her family during this difficult time. Creative people do creative things. So when I found out about the effort it was a no-brainer to offer the venue,” said Jennifer DeChant, executive director.

“As a community arts center it is our purpose to support community based events like this. This benefit concert is the culmination of good hearted, creative folks who will gather to help one of our own”

Amie Marzen, Madeline’s mother, said she’s incredibly grateful for the help from the community.

“It’s humbling to have friends and artists, as well as many people I’ve never even met, come out to support our girl,” she said. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, the amount of support we’ve received and people who have offered prayers or to help with things like meals or mowing the lawn, we’ll forever be grateful for every single bit of it.”

Madeline was diagnosed with cancer after Amie noticed her daughter was increasingly tired and lethargic, and had trouble with certain movements. After a series of tests, an MRI discovered a malignant, inoperable brain tumor, with additional tumors on her spine.

Since then, Amie and Madeline have spent almost every day for the past two months in the hospital undergoing treatment.

Prior to the diagnosis, Madeline was like any other four-year-old. She was busy learning how to dance – tumbling, ballet, and tap. She enjoyed crafts, and going to preschool. She’d tell stories or sing and thrive at center stage. But due to the aggressive nature of her cancer, she’s had to undergo a chemotherapy regimen that would be difficult for anyone, let alone a little girl.

“There is no average week at this point; we’re still very much adjusting to our new normal and are living very day to day,” said Amie. “Treatment days, as well as non-treatment days, are difficult right now. Since onset she has been in the hospital more days than out and has had some major changes in what she’s able to do. She can no longer sit independently, walk, or stand and has limited speech – which is a huge contrast to the completely typically developing child we had prior to diagnosis.”

That aggressive treatment, and extensive hospital time, has been taxing on more than just the family’s physical and mental health.

“The medical bills have been astounding. We’ve spent all but a dozen days or so in the hospital since August 8, so as you can imagine the bills are insane,” said Amie. “We are fortunate to have insurance, however there are other expenses that are also quickly growing, and fundraisers like this one are so, so important to us.”

Despite the many hardships, there are moments that show Madeline isn’t going to stop fighting.

“Madeline works really hard just to tell us she loves us, as speech is difficult for her right now, but she never stops making that effort, even if it’s exhausting for her just to get the words out,” said Amie. “Madeline is an awesome four-year-old girl who is the best big sister to her one-year-old brother, Ben. One day we’ll be able to tell her just how much everyone prayed and worked to make sure she gets a miracle.”

Tickets to the show are $15, with all proceeds going to benefit the Marzen family. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. For more information, visit