There is NO law that we must stand. Never needed one! Our seventeen-year-old said his peers (most) don’t have respect for the flag and mention Trump. The flag does not represent one person but everyone! It represents every race, religion, and gender alive and dead. For they all either died for America or defended it.

The American flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy in the world. It began a long time ago. It takes an endless amount of pride/honor to make even a little tradition. Tradition does not mean the government, but the people.

It means that those who died for freedom are alive within respecting the flag they died for, sadly, 911 and now Las Vegas where innocent Americans were killed. Perhaps the surest test of an individual’s integrity is their refusal to do or say anything that disrespects their country and their ancestors, their family, themselves, and America.

I have been to other countries and lived in six and nowhere is there such freedom as here in AMERICA!!! I see faces of men I served with of all races, religions and who came back to America to be laid to rest.

As a child, I visited the graves of members of my family who died in the 1700s and the last family member buried in Maine died in Iraq. Maine has always had those defending America and freedom than most other states. That is our history, our pride, and the honor of the people of Maine and America.

Scott Brooker