I write to encourage citizens who live in Woolwich to vote on Election Day, particularly to re-elect Allison Hepler and Jason Shaw to serve us on our Woolwich Select Board. If unable to vote in person, please obtain an absentee ballot at the town office and make your voice heard.

Allison is my neighbor and friend. I have seen first-hand the time, commitment, and concern that she brings to local governance. She doesn’t sit and wait for people to speak. Allison goes out and seeks our input, all year round in day-to-day encounters. She listens, does her research, and collaborates before acting.

She was instrumental in establishing a Communications Committee, for instance, and regularly reports in our town newsletter to encourage and improve community involvement. She is willing to engage issues as they arise, whether it’s electric service, new engineering for a bridge, or pulling together an RFP for trash and recycling pick-up. She writes clearly and informatively and she is a true problem solver.

Most of all, Allison is a person of integrity whom you can trust and from whom you will get a straightforward answer.

Jason, like Allison, has served two terms on the Woolwich Select Board and has an in-depth knowledge of how our town operates. He brings fiscal responsibility, common sense, fair reasoning, and appropriate humor to the select board meetings.

He keeps in mind that his job is to represent the citizens of the town and evaluate expenditures, being mindful of the impact on taxpayers. A successful local businessman, Jason has had to adapt to and learn from changing needs, laws, and demographics. I believe that he shows the capacity for continuing to grow as a public servant for all of us. He is a team player who has shown his potential as a strong leader.

We are fortunate to have such dedicated and qualified individuals willing to serve our community.

Jonathan Appleyard

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