BRUNSWICK — A meeting with Brunswick Town Council and rail officials with Pan Am Railways, Amtrak, Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority, Central Maine and Quebec Railway, Maine Department of Transportation, and the Federal Railroad Administration is scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 30.

The workshop’s objective is to examine ways to reduce noise from train operations along the railway corridor in town. Concerns about train noise, particularly horns at crossings and noise at the recently constructed train layover facility near Stanwood Street, have been brought before the town multiple times over the past few months.

Planned topics for the workshop include reviewing whether Brunswick’s noise ordinance applies to the train’s operation, what the federal requirements are for operation of the bells and horns on the train, and what steps the town can take to create a “quiet zone” in town.

Residents questions will also be considered, such as what determines the length of time a horn is sounded, in addition to reviewing concerns about pollution and lighting.

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