When you vote yes on Question 2, you will have started the process that will bring 3,000 good jobs to Maine paid for by the more than $500 million in federal funds that will come to our state. (Presently our tax dollars go to 31 other states that expanded access).

Your vote will provide more programs to confront the opioid crisis and will certainly help to restrain private insurance premiums, because currently hikes in the private market are needed to pay for the uninsured.

Our state legislature approved this expansion five times and five times the Governor vetoed it. Over 60,000 Maine citizens signed the petition to bring this issue to us and more than 60 independent organizations as diverse as the Maine Small Business Association, Maine Council of Churches and Maine Medical Association are supporters.

But, to us, the most important reason is that we know that our yes vote will provide access to health insurance to over 1,000 of our neighbors in Sagadahoc County who are between the ages of 21 and 64. (70,000 throughout the state).

We can imagine what it must feel like to be ill and not be able to see a doctor because you can’t afford to pay the bill.

You can now vote absentee at your town office, or in person on Nov. 7. Please join us in voting yes on Question 2.

Jay Holt, Rick Freeman, Ole Jaeger, Sandy Maggied, Steve O’Grady, Sandy Jaeger, Roger Bogart, and Ruth Fiske
Georgetown Democratic Committee