Greg Page is running for the Bath City Council, representing Ward 1. I live in Ward 4 so I cannot vote for him, but if I could, I would.

I have known Greg for over 55 years and I know him to be honest and forthright in all that he does. I know that he listens to his constituents, not only in Ward 1 but also the whole city of Bath. I know that he follows up when constituents contact him, either by phone or email. I know that he does not make hasty decisions in regards to issues before the Council, but rather tries to hear both sides (if there are “sides”) before casting his vote.

Greg is extremely diligent and caring about his service to his community. He has served for many years on the Bath Recreation Commission and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Main Street Bath, of which I am currently its immediate past president.

Last year, Greg brought back the Heritage Days Chicken Barbecue in the Library Park, a favorite event that had not been staged in several years. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to secure sponsorships, get volunteers, and to make sure all the Ts were crossed and the Is dotted. It was a hugely successful event largely because of Greg’s efforts.

In short, Greg has been an excellent Bath City Councilor and I believe he will continue to be one. I know he will continue to work hard for you Ward 1 voters and all of Bath’s citizens. He deserves your vote.

Brian Hatch