I strongly believe in education and good schools, but I also believe we need to look out for all citizens of Brunswick. I LOVE this town, I own a home here, I grew up here, and I am still here. I run a business here and worked with my Dad’s business, Wilson’s Lunch and Industrial Catering, for 24 years before I opened my pet grooming business.

I want to stay here, and I want all my fellow citizens to be able to stay here if they want to. I want to be able to welcome all people to come to Brunswick, young and older.

When making decisions, I try very hard to think about not only what is going on in our community now, but also what it will be like in 10 or 25 or 50 years, for our children, our grandchildren and their children.

My father taught me that being a good citizen meant we had to be willing to occasionally sacrifice our comfort zone for the good of community … for All in the community …young … older … natives … and the new citizens … for keeping everyone in mind is how we grow as a community.

We must constantly try to look at how every issue is going to affect different parts and the whole. I intend to hold fast on a lower tax increase, especially with the new school coming in a couple years. I intend to support growth thus increase our tax base, I intend to support schools but at a realistic pace for ALL citizens.

We need to look for ways to encourage less waste as our landfill is required to be closed in a few years. Our roads, fire department, police and municipal issues need much more attention and we must balance the budget so that is possible.

I admit it is not easy and there is often opposing needs for the same tax dollars. I cannot predict what many sides may present themselves as we move forward. However, as I make a decision on how to vote on the issues that come before us, I can only promise to look and look and look at issues and try to balance the needs of all. I promise to do my best to be fair to all citizens.

Please vote, and remember there are several other important state referendum question beside the town issues. And know you can vote early, or absentee, if you so desire

Kathy E. Wilson