I’m writing in support of Brunswick Town Council candidate at-large Kathy Wilson.

Kathy has served one term on Town Council and is highly deserving of another. Why? She is truly an independent thinker who listens to input from all sides on any issue and then thoughtfully makes a decision. It is her decision alone as Kathy does not have a personal agenda nor is she beholden to any special interests in town. She represents the best of Brunswick: A hard-working business person; generous with her time and talents; and committed to making this a better place for all of us.

Before running for Town Council, Kathy attended dozens of Town Council meetings and served on town committees and boards to learn about all facets of the running of Brunswick. This is what her opponent should do before attempting a run for Town Council.

The volume of financial, legal, planning/zoning and procedural information that must be understood before making decisions on so many weighty town matters requires a lot of time and experience. Kathy Wilson has demonstrated her competence and trustworthiness on Council.

Please give Kathy Wilson your vote on Nov. 7.

Leslie H. Weiss