On Nov. 7, voters in Regional School Unit 1 communities will have a ballot question that asks for approval to borrow for the construction of a new Morse High School and Bath Regional Career and Technical Center.

Authorization is sought to issue bonds for the $75,386,890 project. Of that amount, 91.4 percent is state supported borrowing; the RSU will receive state funding to cover the payments for the principal and interest on that amount.

Taxpayers in the RSU are being asked to support an amount not to exceed $7,200,000 in funding through local tax levies. The remainder, $700,000, will be raised through a capital campaign that will begin soon after voter approval of the bond on Nov. 7.

This is an important milestone for the RSU. The current Morse High School/BRCTC has served us well but is showing its age. The building being planned to replace it will continue the legacy of Morse, but in a “skin” that can support a 21st century learning environment.

Your support for the project is critical for the future of our kids and for the future of this region. We have gotten to this point through a very open process, including two positive straw poll votes from the community and two years of committee work which has included a lot of community input.

As we move forward into the construction phase of the project, we will continue to draw on community involvement to ensure that the Morse High School/BRCTC we get is the Morse High School/BRCTC we want.

Please vote “yes” on the ballot question to authorize borrowing.

Board of Directors
Regional School Unit 1