TOPSHAM — A three-way race in Topsham will result in two winners on Tuesday as two incumbents run against a former candidate.

Ruth Lyons and Dave Douglass are running for reelection, and former candidate John Graham is running again after an unsuccessful run last year.

Lyons has lived in Topsham for 37 years, and has always been a resident of Maine. She’s served on the Historical Committee, but she is likely most known for her role as the town clerk and deputy tax collector. All told, she worked for the town for 24 years.

“The love for the people and my town was the reason I ran,” said Lyons.

Prior to her position in town, she owned and operated three businesses with her husband. She was first elected to the select board in 2014.

Lyons said some issues she hopes to work on if elected are managing the increase in traffic in town, maintaining the tax rate, and helping local businesses.

Douglass has lived in Topsham for 16 years, and was first elected to the select board in 2011. Professionally, he was a firefighter for Brunswick for 10 years, and currently works for Reynolds American Trade Marketing Services. He’s served on the Topsham Finance Committee and the Sagadahoc County Budget Advisory Committee.

Douglass said he’s running again because he enjoys the challenges that come with the job.

“The work to balance a growing community with requests for additional services and amenities while still holding onto its small town, independent character requires a well thought out approach by many contributors and I want to continue to be one of those contributors,” he said.

Douglass said that he tries not to focus on one issue in particular, and he sees great opportunities for the town’s future.

“Our finances are solid, we have put plans in place to address all of our capital improvement needs without new bonding, our town facilities are new and working, our debt service is decreasing and we are able to increase our road maintenance yearly because of it,” he said.

Graham has lived in Topsham for four years, and is an active member of Topsham’s Historical Committee. He is also the president of Friends of the Frank J. Wood Bridge, a group seeking to save the bridge from demolition and replacement. He currently owns a small commercial real estate firm.

Graham said he offers a perspective that is not currently represented on the board.

“There are simple things we as a town can do to improve quality of life like plow our sidewalks in a timely manner, and there are long-term things we can do like preserve our historical buildings and structures,” he said.

“I feel, and have heard from a lot of residents, that the current board does not appear to listen. I am a good listener and believe listening is key.”

Graham said one idea he would try to pursue if elected is creating new neighborhood committees that could review issues in their area. They could then report those to the select board.

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