Like many in the Midcoast community (and all of Maine), the Coastal Journal was without power Monday and Tuesday.

That didn’t stop us from covering the Great Wind of 2017, and I thank you, our readers, both for following our Facebook page where we posted almost constantly, and for sharing your amazing storm photos with us.

Whatever your personal thoughts about social media, it certainly comes in handy for connecting with people in a crisis.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Central Maine Power will have reached Commercial Street, and the staff will have moved on to producing next week’s edition, leaving stories of the Great Wind of 2017 to enter the registry of legendary weather events, like the Ice Storm of ‘98.

Fortunately, I had power at home. Don’t ask me how my family was lucky enough to be one of the few households to retain its juice. I’m just thankful for it.

So we were able to get this week’s paper out. All it took was a quick trip to the MaineToday Media mothership in South Portland to build the ad layout.

Unfortunately, all of our files live on a server in our Bath office, so making this week’s paper involved rebuilding a week’s worth of work in a day.

So I hauled to my dining room table editorial assistant Irene Mower’s whole ancient Mac system that contains our special banners, calendar, puzzles, and Coastal Cooking (I know how upset you all get when these are missing).

All of these were formatted in Quark (ancient design program compatible with ancient computer), and had to be reformatted to work with our newfangled fancy Adobe software.

Reporter Chris Chase loaned me his external hard drive that stores all our photos. He worked from his home in Portland, where he also had power.

Through the wonders of technology, the grace of electricity, and a very late night, we did it.

Special thanks, as always, to Daryl Madore, and to Matt Sonia who works with me from the South Portland prepress department to produce the CJ every week, and to everyone who stepped in to offer their help as I rollercastered (complete with crow’s nest heights and belly-dropping descents) my way through Coastal Journal, Volume 52, Issue 1.

(By the way, it IS our 51st birthday this week. I’m just glad it wasn’t spent totally old school and printing the paper by hand.)

This might not be the prettiest, most painstakingly proofread issue of the Coastal Journal, but like everyone else in the Bath community, the CJ took stock of the situation, pulled herself together, and came up with a plan to get through the Great Wind.

It’s probably not a good idea to reveal the magic behind our Wizard of Oz curtain, but it’s important to me to point out that what affects you has an impact on us, too.

I have kept my scanner on since the neighbor’s tree came crashing down on another neighbor’s garage at about 5 a.m. Monday, listening to the wind work its way through the emergency management system.

Some of you fared far worse than I, or the Coastal Journal, or any of our staff.

From our office to all of you, hang in there.

It will be a good story someday, when the roof is fixed, and the trees chopped into logs for the woodstove. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday.


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