Here we are in late November with calendar winter not due for about a month. And not a flake of snow has fallen nor any ice formed on trees to bring down our power poles and lines. Yet, at our house we have filled our bathtub twice to make certain we have at least some water — no power, no water from the well.

The first time was for the BIG storm the first of this month and we used all that water — recently, we filled the tub again because of a high winds warning. We were not among the 25,000 Mainers who lost power on Nov. 10, but the next time is coming!

Why this early and frequent stormy weather?

Experts believe that climate change plays a big role in the severity and frequency of storms. Many also believe that an increase in carbon in the atmosphere is primarily responsible and that this increase is caused in large part by human activity. As individuals we can all reduce waste and cut unnecessary travel to reduce our carbon footprints. But it will take more than individual efforts to even begin to solve the problem.

Congress is moving very slowly on plans to reduce carbon emissions. This year bills were introduced in both Houses, but have been referred to committees. Please write to our Representative Pingree and Senators King and Collins encouraging them to support the passage of carbon reducing legislation. Their websites have “click to contact” so we don’t even have to go out into the wind and weather to express our opinions.

Let’s make our combined voices an important part of reducing the need to fill our bathtubs!

Sidney Hodgdon