BATH — The new owners of Midcoast Pizza and More in Bath have vowed to continue a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition by offering a free meal to anyone who comes through their doors on the holiday.

Angela Smith and John Brigance took over the restaurant after Nick Papadopoulos retired, and said they plan to offer the same Thanksgiving meal that’s been served since 2011. Anyone who arrives at the restaurant between noon and 2 p.m. will be served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, free of charge.

Both Smith and Brigance have worked at the restaurant for years, and assisted Papadopoulos in the past. “It became a part of the family tradition as much as anything else,” said Brigance. “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.”

The new owners’ families are likely to get involved, as well, and Brigance said there’s a chance Papadopoulos will also assist in serving the meal, too.

In years past, the dining room has filled to capacity with people coming in to have a Thanksgiving meal. This year, the owners predict it will be much the same, and they are planning to open up more space if necessary to accommodate all the people.

In addition to serving food at the restaurant, Midcoast Pizza plans to deliver food, and give rides to anyone who needs them. “Platinum Plus (taxi company) is helping us by providing a car,” said Smith. “They’re helping out with picking people up.”

Anyone who needs a ride, or a meal, in the Greater Bath area is encouraged to call 442-6631 to set things up.