Bravo for your excellent opinion pieces last week on the morally bankrupt Republican tax bill which benefits the wealthy and the corporations at the expense of the average American tax payer.

This absurd policy on top of the recent bloated Pentagon budget should be a call for action to oppose the escalating militarization of this country at the expense of human needs and a sustainable future for our children.

Witness the recent push by General Dynamics/BIW for an additional $60 million tax subsidy which will go before the Maine legislature in January.

Over recent years, BIW has received more than $200 million in state and local tax breaks. From 2013 to 2016, General Dynamics has bought back $9.4 billion worth of stocks raising the value on the market and enriching it’s stock holders and executives.

General Dynamics CEO was paid $21 million in 2016 including a $5 million bonus.

This form of Congressional taxation and corporate welfare will eventually destroy an economy beneficial to working class Mainers, and in the face of our environmental needs, is just plain obscene. I hope citizens will contact their local state representative and senator.

Richard Lethem