I am a progressive elderly white guy, recently moved to Bath, who is dismayed by many of the actions of President Trump and the Republican Congress. Here’s a partial list:

• Abandoning a commitment to renewable energy and denying man-made climate change, thus endangering future generations;

• Promoting income and wealth inequality through tax legislation that rewards wealthy donors, adds over $1 trillion to the deficit (supposedly anathema to Republicans), and threatens cuts in Social Security and Medicaid to pay for the tax giveaway;

• Loading federal courts with conservative judges, some clearly unqualified, who will impose their reactionary ideology on our country;

• Staffing federal agencies (education, energy, environmental protection, health and human services, labor, justice, interior, housing, agriculture) with ideologues who oppose their agencies’ missions to protect and promote the welfare of the American people;

• Fostering a divisive political and social climate based on fear, resentment, chronic lying, and blatant sexism and racism.

I realize I’ve indulged in a diatribe; but along with a rejection of Trumpism, I support respectful dialog. If we don’t strive to understand opposing viewpoints and interests, we will ossify in self-imposed echo chambers and doom our democracy.

So I encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions, in this newspaper and in other public (and private) forums. And if anyone is interested in meeting occasionally to argue, affirm, chuckle, or just chew the fat, drop me a line at [email protected]

Will Fritzmeier