BRUNSWICK — It’s finally warming up in the Midcoast, but memories of record-cold temperatures still linger, both in our heads and our heating bills.

During days like these, it’s easy to become a recluse and pseudo-hibernate like our smaller mammalian friends. A better option for some, however, is to embrace the cold and get out into it to have fun.

That is part of why the Brunswick Hotel and Tavern has hosted an ice bar for the past several years. January 18 through 20, it’s opening the patio for some chilling … literally.

“It’s a celebration, celebrate winter,” said Jaye Dorr, director of food and beverage for the hotel. “Get outside, enjoy it, get your friends together.”

The ice bar is carved by Jesse Bouchard, a member of the National Ice Carving Association. It’ll be complete with colored lights, and an “drink luge.”

For those who don’t know what a drink luge is, it’s an ice sculpture designed to make sure your drink is cold as ice. You pour the drink into the top, and it runs through channels in a carved sculpture to come out the bottom.

The drinks, too, will have icy themes. Winter Sun shots, Ice Blue, Tequila Frostbite, and other mixed drinks will be offered using liquor supplied by sponsors Reyka Vodka and Milagro Tequila. Reyka, fittingly, is based in Iceland.

It’s not just liquor, however. Fight Deck Brewing; Boothbay Craft Brewery; and Sam Adams will all be pouring beers at the event. Flight Deck plans to bring its P3 Ale and Rye Wing Porter. Boothbay will have its Thirsty Botanist and Vanilla Porter, and Sam Adams will be showing off its New England IPA, a relatively new beer in the lineup.

Of course, if you’re going to be outside in the cold with some drinks, you’ve got to have food, too. The event will come with complimentary snacks, included in the ticket price.

Hungry for more than a bite? Some menu items will be cooked at the grilling station outside, including a flank steak skewer with a blackberry ginger balsamic glaze, provided by Fiore Artisan Olive Oils, another one of the event’s sponsors. There will also be blueberry bourbon barbecue bison meatballs, maple tamarind marinated pork belly skewers, and leek-wrapped figs with a honey and white balsamic glaze.

If you get tired of sitting by the fire pits outside in the cold, the Robinson Room will be hosting another full bar with live entertainment. DJ Larry Moore will be in attendance on Jan. 18 and 19. On, Jan. 20, the Dave Bullard Band will play a selection of blues, rock, reggae, jazz, and Latin bossa nova.

Bullard often plays as a soloist, but this event will feature a full band and special guest and vocalist Kate Miller. “If some people have seen me play as a soloist, that’s a whole different type of music. We have a very lively dance feel.”

He has played other events similar to the ice bar, including an ice event in Freeport last year, and he is hoping for warmer temperatures than previous weeks.

“As long as it’s about 30 degrees, it’d be nice.”

In between the fun, there will be some giveaways and raffles. Sam Adams is bringing two toboggans, plus there will be gift cards, and more.

Other event sponsors include Goodall Landscaping and Maine State Music Theatre.

The event runs from 5 to 10 p.m. Jan 18-20. Advance tickets are $16 for Thursday and Friday, $20 on Saturday, available at At the door, tickets are $20 for Thursday and Friday, and $24 Saturday.

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