BRUNSWICK — Mid Coast Hospital recently installed a new MRI machine, offering the latest MRI technology with enhanced comfort for patients and top quality images for radiologists.

The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test uses powerful magnets, radio waves, and a computer to produce detailed images that help healthcare providers diagnose a condition or see how well a patient is responding to treatment. During an MRI test, the patient lies on a bed that is moved into the tube-like machine.

“The new GE 1.5T MRI technology enables our expert diagnostic imaging team to provide a better patient experience with significantly less noise and a shorter time inside the machine,” said Keith Fleming, MD, a radiologist at Mid Coast Hospital. “The resulting images give us greater detail than ever before.”

Earlier MRI models typically produce a series of loud thumping sounds that patients find disturbing, but Mid Coast’s new model dramatically reduces the sound level to less than three decibels above background room noise for most exams. Additionally, the machine boasts a wider bore, which has shown to provide comfort to those with claustrophobia concerns without compromising image quality.

Mid Coast Hospital has paired the new MRI technology with a voice dictation system that decreases delays in relaying test results to referring providers. Joe Grant, Vice President of Operations and Systems, commented, “Our imaging experts record findings as they read the images, and that recording is immediately transcribed in a clinical note that is quickly made available to the referring physician. Patients benefit from the improved turnaround time in which they can learn their test results.”

“Not all MRIs produce the same image quality,” said Dr. Fleming. “Our team of technologists, radiologists, and nurses are located onsite and are using the latest diagnostic equipment to get solid test results that our patients and providers can count on.”

The Diagnostic Imaging program at Mid Coast Hospital is integrated with the Mid Coast–Parkview Health system and fully accredited by the American College of Radiology. Learn more at