There was an error in the article published in the Jan. 18 edition of the Coastal Journal.

In that article, there was a prop shown on the front page. The prop mentioned did NOT come from either the Hesper or the Luthor Little, but was recovered by divers in the early 1970s, and came from the Winter Harbor, a steamer that carried mail until it sank in the 1930s.

My grandfather, Maurice L. Caton, Sr., worked on it as first mate for several years. I have a picture of my dad, Maurice L. Caton, Jr., posing with the very same prop published in the Wiscasset Newspaper, from 1981.

The divers were doing a marine survey prior to the construction of Maine Yankee, and it was they that recovered the prop and donated it to the town. Just setting the record straight.

Dean A. Caton

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