The politicians and representatives who want to give the money of Maine’s citizens to General Dynamics most likely have never worked in a dingy, filthy, dangerous, factory-like work environment. No human being should need to work in such an environment!

The inexperienced might say, they have a union with great pay and benefits and so on. Rubbish. I would also question the union’s integrity. General Dynamics has a great deal of money, yet they want to use other people’s money instead of their own. This is an old business philosophy that should not be admired. It is not based on ethics, but more on the mindset of a con artist.

Let these politicians and representatives use a welding torch for 40 hours … let them exist in this dingy, filthy, noisy factory environment doing physically hard labor where they must work and not simply stand around making absurd comments or quoting senators and presidents.

Can you imagine the Avon representative holding a huge pipe wrench all day long?

Yet … the hint of maintaining jobs is the bait that so many Mainers bite on.

Give millions to General Dynamics while we have politicians, Lepages in abundance, who shout jobs to gain people’s attention, yet say nothing about companies who are laying people off to obtain skeleton work crews.

Walmart just increased wages … and also laid off hundreds of workers. Where are the jobs these circus barkers speak about? They have been speaking about jobs for at least the 70 years I have been on this ailing planet.

The nice politicians love scapegoating the poor. They can spend much time bashing poor people because they really don’t know what else to do with their time. They truly do not know what they are doing and I will not defend or qualify that statement. Verify it for yourself, that’s the only way you’ll know any truth!

Look around, observe, talk to people … yes, I know, that’s the hardest thing to do since human relations couldn’t be worse. We don’t have real conversations, we just spit sounds in various directions about superficial topics.

Joseph Ciarrocca