General Dynamics is asking the Maine legislature for $60 million in corporate welfare. It’s top CEO made $21 million last year and they have so much cash on hand that between 2009-2016, GD bought back $12.9 billion of their own stocks driving up market share.

There are now 43,000 kids living in poverty in Maine. There is no money to fix pot hole filled roads and our bridges are deemed “deficient” by DOT. Thousands in Maine have no health care. In rural Maine, hospitals, schools and factories are closing.

What could Maine do with $60 million that GD does not really need?

I learned about solidarity as a union organizer with the United Farm Workers Union. In the spirit of solidarity with those in need across Maine, I will be doing an open-ended hunger strike starting Feb. 12 to try to stop LD 1781 in Augusta.

I will stand in front of BIW at noon and 3:30 p.m. each work day during the hunger strike with a sign and hand out flyers to the workers.

Bruce K. Gagnon