Waldoboro Police are warning motorists who travel Route 220/Washington Road North in Waldoboro that someone is deliberately leaving roofing nails spray-painted black in the roadway.

So far, at least half-a-dozen motorists have had to deal with flat and ruined tires as a result of the nails.

“They’re always in the same spot, all the time, so we believe it is somebody who is intentionally placing them there,” said Police Chief Bill Labombarde. He added that the black paint makes the nails more difficult to spot.

The motivation for the act is unclear, but he said it is definitely an individual and likely an adult. “I think the person may have an issue with people driving fast on that road.”

It’s not the first time issues have arisen on the road either. Large piles of brush have been dragged into the road in the past as an obstacle for motorists.

The investigation into who, exactly, is causing the damage is ongoing. Labombarde said they’re hoping to gather enough evidence to make an arrest.

“It’s dangerous, someone is going to get hurt, more so than a speeding car,” he said. “If anyone has any information, or if anyone has fallen victim to this, let us know.”

Waldoboro Police are asking anyone who has fallen victim or has any information to email [email protected]

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