For roughly 35 years, Kopper Kettle has been serving hot, fresh breakfasts to all comers following a simple formula: Good food, good service, good people.

The restaurant, located on Second Street, has always been family owned. Within the last two years, it has been taken over by Lisa Osgood, a long-time employee who always dreamed of running the place herself.

“This has always been home for me. I’ve seen this place at its worst, I’ve seen it at its best, and I’ve always stayed out of loyalty to the customers,” she said. “To be able to purchase it this time around, when it came up for sale, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Customer satisfaction is a central part of Kopper Kettle’s philosophy, which explains why a lot of its crowd are regulars that come back again and again.

“We have a gentleman who is 87 years old who comes here sometimes three times a day, seven days a week,” she said.

As with any restaurant that changes ownership, maintaining high quality and consistency is the main focus. Osgood said with the loyal staff she has, good food and prompt service has become the norm once more.

Grab a quick bite and it will show. Coffee is always hot and fresh, and service is attentive, friendly, and fast.

The area around Kopper Kettle has certainly changed over the years. Chain restaurants have moved in, and they face greater competition than ever before. But the people, and the atmosphere, of a place like Kopper Kettle can’t be replicated.

Old-school favorites like Chicken Fried Steak are always brought out quick at Kopper Kettle. Staff photo by Chris Chase

“It’s a place you can come and have lunch by yourself and not feel strange doing it,” said Osgood. “You can pull up a stool at the counter and have a chat with familiar faces while you have the special of the day.”

Perhaps the Kopper Kettle’s biggest moment recently came when the October windstorm knocked out power to thousands in the area. They became a go-to spot for locals without power; and the linemen who were on the job getting that power back.

“When we had that big storm, we were feeding, on a short morning, 167 line guys on our biggest day,” she said. For over a week, hundreds of workers were coming in, grabbing a quick bite, and hitting the lines again.

“Everybody just pitched in, we had an absolute blast,” said Osgood. “Now those guys know where to come.”

That was an opportunity for the restaurant to gain back some of the loyalty that may have been lost over the years as the restaurant changed hands.

“Some of those new faces used to be old faces,” said Osgood. “One of the couples we gained back comes here every single day for lunch, and they have since the power outage.”

Kopper Kettle is, for many people, more than just the food; it’s the family, too. “The girls have been here for a long time, everybody knows everybody by first name, pretty much,” she said. “And if they don’t know your name, they know what you’re ordering.”

Don’t misunderstand, however. The food is also a big part of what brings people back. Kopper Kettle serves a mean chicken fried steak, or a great eggs Benedict, at reasonable prices.

Kopper Kettle is located at 7 Second St. Hours are 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., daily. For more information, call 725-2724 or find them on Facebook.