Parties and celebrations should be an occasion for joy, not stress. Anyone who has planned one knows that stress, unfortunately, comes with the territory of wrangling lots of people into one place at the right time.

Several months back, Stacey Backman and Gail Gary realized they had the unique gift of being able to plan a party from start to finish that people actually enjoyed. With 10 kids between them, it’s no surprise they have organization skills.

“With that many kids, definitely we had birthday parties, and of course, we have to be on a budget,” said Gary. “We understand people nowadays have a budget. The sky’s not the limit, and things cost, but why should what you want have to suffer.”

Typically, if you throw a birthday party for your kids, you’re going to end up running interference, keeping the punch bowl filled up, getting everyone together for cake, and coming up with ideas for what to do and when. As You Wish can take that hassle off your hands, so you just get to enjoy the fun.

“The parents don’t miss anything,” said Gary.

Four months ago the pair realized that the Midcoast doesn’t have the type of party stores it once did. Renting equipment now requires a trip, and getting certain supplies involves ordering online or wrangling from multiple places.

“You can go to Lewiston-Auburn, and you can find some party supply places; you can go to Portland,” said Gary. “We’re ordering stuff online, we’re tramping all over the place for supplies.”
So they decided to open a store of their own. Now, with a central location, you can head in, give As You Wish a budget, and collaborate on ideas to make a great occasion without breaking the bank.

“If someone says, ‘I can’t afford that much,’ we work within a budget,” said Gary.

That includes creating their own decorations from less expensive materials, hosting the party, and coming up with creative ways to accomplish the host’s goals. As You Wish also has plenty of local independent DJs, florists, photographers, and more to supplement their services. That’s why their mission statement is, “You dream it, we make it.”

As You Wish party supplies, planning and more is located at 124 Maine St., (Senter Place) in Brunswick. For more information, visit, or call either 751-3384 or 834-4037.