Maybe you’ve investigated and found the information: Our president and many politicians have accepted millions of dollars from the National Rifle Association. You might question why we taxpayers should support those politicians, since the NRA can. The same might be asked regarding the millions of dollars they receive from corporations.

Follow the money: Who are they working for while we pay them to work for us? You might even be tempted to question their commitment to our health care, when all of them, unlike us, enjoy the finest medical care package. You might also be tempted to ask, since he is a habitual liar, if Mr. Trump lied when he took the oath of office.

You might wonder if our present administration has planted what spy networks term “moles” in our agencies. Moles are trusted members within who secretly work on behalf of the enemy. Those enemies can be members of our own electorate.

We might suspect moles infiltrated the Environmental Protection Agency, after learning the EPA is working against protecting the environment, not for it. Similar, consistent, examples come to mind, once we start examining the erosion and slow dismantling of our other agencies and institutions. You might be tempted to conclude our own administration is accomplishing damage to our democracy that neither the Soviet Union nor Russia could.

Whether you liked the previous administration or not, you must admit it supported our institutions, and our cooperation with other democracies. This president has made a policy of destroying all the positive, progressive acts achieved by Mr. Obama.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

Vigilance isn’t enough even when combined with our raised voices. I wonder how much good is done by vigilance unless we band together and support those dedicated to fight for and protect our institutions and liberties. Our rights are founded on the individual. A threat to one is a threat to all. We the people are being ignored and denied.

Carl Scheiman