Ken Frederic’s Coastal Journal article, “Wake up to liberal bullying and stop pretending,” demonstrates the troubling practice of presenting 1. as “fact” what are personal opinions, and 2. intermingling the occasional fact with not only beliefs and opinions, but fictions. The result is muddled amalgam that leaves an impression without any learning.

Granted, modern neurology has shown that what we believe as “fact’ can be influenced by our biases: This is physiologically, scientifically proven. FACT. (I believe in science; I’ve been ill and medical knowledge has made me better).

Because a true believer honestly claims that looking at the level horizon is proof enough that the world is flat, does not change the FACT that the world is pretty much spherical. Trump’s and Spicer’s BELIEFS about the size of the inaugural crowds did not change the demonstrable FACT that more folks showed up for Barack than for Donald (count ‘em).

It’s perfectly OK to argue that Dems sitting on their hands during the State of the Union Address is insulting (OPINION), but it’s contrary to FACT to assert that “no American could say that they’re not saddened and infuriated by the spectacle.”

I’m an American. I was cheered and revitalized by the scene. Or does the author mean that if you were not “saddened and infuriated” you are not an American? Do we then speed dial ICE?
Then there are all the assertions about the bullying, campaigning Democrats being more reprehensible than the Russian Bot Squad, all this based on not-yet-determined FACTS from the Mueller bunch. “That we came only one election away from losing our Republic to a thugocracy befitting Venezuela, Cuba or Honduras should awaken all but those pretending.” REALLY?
FACT: Those tropical guys are “Americans,” too: South Americans. We’re North Americans.

OPINION: Nice that the Russian Bot folks settled on the “Woke” meme to throw sand in the gears of the Black Voter turnout. (“Wake Up? Woke? Navajo proverbs?).

The presentation of these “conservative” views calls to mind what my 6th grade teacher used to say of my classroom performance: “Could Do Better.”

George Metes
Bailey Island