Being stuck on a street sign 30 feet in the air is probably not how an Opossum expected its Tuesday to go.

The seemingly well-fed critter had scrambled onto a street sign above Route 1 at some point in the afternoon before promptly deciding it didn’t want to try getting back down. Passers-by reported the stranded Opossum just after noon, and police responded to attempt to get it down without hurting it.

Brett McIntire of the Bath Police Department was one of the first on the scene. “I’ve just learned in the last 12 years you never know what’s going to happen,” he said.

The Opossum – wearing an expression that can only be described as ‘a bit sheepish’ – was just far enough away to be out of reach of the city’s animal-wrangling tools. Sitting 30 feet above busy Route 1 traffic also made officers cautious of trying to grab it, fearing it would scare the creature off the sign.

The predicament snarled traffic on High Street as motorists navigated around emergency vehicles – and snapped a few photos. A small crowd started to gather as passersby stopped to gawk.

Eventually, members of the fire department managed to coax the opossum close enough that McIntire could snag it and place it into a crate. It was then released, unharmed, into the woods.

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