I am writing as a concerned patron of the shops in Wiscasset, a driver and parker, and a concerned citizen about the UNFOUNDED FEARS of the shop owners, as indicated in their affidavits posted
on the Wiscasset town website.

Many are friends and I do not want them to have fears of any nature. I tend to believe that emotions run high in these town controversies and I believe that FACTS,and not speculation, win out.

Professor Richard Willson of California State Polytechnical Institute in his book, “Parking for Smart Growth,” offers the following supported and documented facts: A “parker” is more likely to find parking in larger shared parking lots.

Parking lots reduce the need to circle the block, resulting in less vehicular congestion on side streets. “Parkers” can use parking lots and spend more time walking and visiting more shops and restaurants, while spending less time looking and waiting for on street parking.

Moreover, increased foot traffic engages new customers and generates sales growth and spontaneous spending.
These facts are all contrary to the business owners affidavits.

Jaya Patil, a well- known business consultant states, “the presence and movement of people walking around in a particular space is called foot traffic. The higher the foot traffic the more opportunity for more visits to retail space and more possibility of higher sales.”

Ms. Patil, states that good service, a smile, courteous polite engagement, and a safe and attractive entry and storefront are the real elements to successful retail business. It is also proven that buildings that are situated in areas with good, safe foot traffic will command the highest rents which is contrary to the affidavit provided by Mr. Doering.

The argument for lack of delivery access in one affidavit presented by store owners is a tired argument. Behind each of the Main Street retail establishments there is an alley or narrow lot for deliveries and pick ups, as well as side street deliveries for end units.

Misinformation or information based on emotion typically is not where one should base their beliefs or a LAWSUIT, for Pete’s sake!

Michelle Peele

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