The budget is a moral document in that, how we spend public tax dollars clearly represents and reflects the kind of society we choose to be.

Every dollar spent on corporate blackmail, based on greed not need, is a dollar not going to healthcare, education, homelessness …

General Dynamics is blackmailing the State of Maine saying it will shut down, or not get government contracts, if we don’t buckle. This false, stagnant argument has been used for over 20 years. Neither Ingalls nor BIW are not going to shut down. Legislators know this and need to step out of their bubble for a moment and use some common sense. If BIW ever does lose its government contracts, they’ll need to diversify, which they should have done ages ago.

Big corporations, the politicians supporting them, and basically owned by them, shout to the mountaintops about the “free market.” Capitalism is the altar at which they pray. Until they want our tax money. When we want to spend our taxes on education, healthcare, a social safety net they call it socialism. When THEY get our money it’s called good business when all it is, is trickle down economics .. .the golden shower all over real people in our country, state and municipalities.

BIW/General Dynamics and other huge corporations are redistributing wealth from the poorest in our country, to the richest. These are not “free market” philosophies. This is Corporate Welfare at its most cynical. It is grand theft.
We’ve paid for BIW at the municipal, state and federal level. We already pay for the ships with our federal tax dollars, then again with blackmail tax dollars here at home.

General Dynamics/BIW does not need the money. They just made themselves that much richer with stock buybacks from the tax break they got from Congress (which steals from the national coffers) benefiting only the wealthiest of the wealthy and now they want to take even more from us in our backyards.

Say no to the BIW tax giveaway. The amount now being $45 million only means they’ll come back in 15 years for more. They’re getting the same amount per year … money that is ours and should be used for healthcare, education … our social safety net protecting ALL of us.

Kathleen McGee

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