MDOT has stated that its own plan to eliminate all street parking in downtown Wiscasset will save a meager 12 seconds and, ironically, that savings will be lost within a few months as traffic increases.

Meanwhile a death-knell will be sounded for Main Street businesses who pay taxes and generate municipal revenue and provide jobs for local workers. They also contribute to the local economy by attracting visitors, hiring local contractors, spending their own dollars in the community.

Governor LePage has stated his determination to see this ill-conceived project go through, even though it runs completely counter to his stated support for small businesses, job creation and reduction of welfare dependency, and fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in Maine. How could this misguided MDOT plan possibly be a reflection of good governance?

I don’t live in Wiscasset. I’m an entrepreneur from Searsport who has run my own business for 43 years.
I have no vested interest in this issue except to advocate for the survival of downtowns and the small businesses that both sustain and define them.

The solution to this particular traffic problem is one thing only: A by-pass. Nothing else will result in the stated goals of MDOT, if indeed that is the real goal. They conceded that if the townspeople rejected the plan, which they did, then there will be no implementation.

Recently, however, their bully-pulpit mentality emerged with a threat to do whatever they want and to abandon part of their proposal to provide off-street parking. Yet another indication of disruptive intention and failure to represent Maine’s citizens.

I urge Gov. LePage to consider the alternative or, at the very least, refrain from further inciting MDOT. It does not serve his office or Maine’s best interests to do so.

Phyllis W. Sommer

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