The vote on April 17 is about setting a precedent for Maine. If the “no” vote goes through, MDOT and the state will be able to come in and disregard local laws in ANY town in the state and put through whatever they want. It is not just about Wiscasset. There is a bigger picture here.

If you realize this vote, going forward, will also cover the state coming in and disregarding local laws and ordinances for say, marijuana sales, gay marriage, fishing permits, docking permits, land permits, building and construction permits — ANYTHING — how would you vote?

Would you vote to keep local laws and ordinances in place by voting “yes” or “no” for the state to disregard your personal vote in your town?

Please vote “yes” on April 17, not just for Wiscasset, but for every town in Maine.

Pam Logan