FREEDOM is amazing. But as citizens it comes with responsibility. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the TRUTH and THEN formulate our opinion and ultimately express that opinion in
word, deed or vote.

Beyond educating ourselves, we must respect one another and differing opinions. It has surprised me the disrespect that I have endured having expressed my opinion on the upcoming Wiscasset vs. MDOT.

I am surprised. Rather than attempting to persuade me in conversation, I have been ridiculed and insulted. This divisive situation has been stimulated by misinformation and false innuendo. It is fueled by a wealthy, non-resident landlord. It is drifting into the very core of the community. It is affecting people at church, at meetings, at social events.

Fact 1: The town was sent an OFFER to pay for “part” of the lawsuit and the selectman have NOT accepted this offer. The statement that taxpayers do not have to concern themselves over the money is

The selectmen and the taxpayers will decide the ethics of accepting money from a “well heeled” non-resident landlord after a vote to end the lawsuit.

Fact 2: The MDOT has NOT attempted to circumvent the local ordinances and laws. They are governed by state law. They have been very open and transparent. This is not their first “rodeo” and they know how towns react to change. State laws give them a position of strength. If that is to be changed, then this must be done in the State Legislative arena.

STOP and go to the Wiscasset town website. READ the latest March 23 document on the opening page before you vote. Educate yourselves into the truth and attempt to understand. You will be an informed voter and you will vote NO!


Michelle Peele